Ava Soderlund – Volunteer of the Month

In April, we opened the mail and found a check for $810 – a gift from an entrepreneurial student and committed volunteer, Ava Soderlund.

Ava has been volunteering at The Sharing Shelf for years, accompanying her mom and one of her friends, Sam Gatti. Together they have been sorting donations and packing Wardrobe Packs.

This spring, Ava took her volunteerism to a new level. She launched Students for The Sharing Shelf Club at Mamaroneck High School and organized a lacrosse clinic with the proceeds earmarked to benefit The Sharing Shelf. Twenty 4th and 5th grade girls attended Ava’s clinic. Each attendee donated a bag of gently used clothing and made a $20 donation to The Sharing Shelf. By the end of the clinic, Ava had a carload of clothing for The Sharing Shelf plus $810 to donate. Ava hopes to make this camp an annual event and continue supporting The Sharing Shelf.

Well done Ava! Thank you for your thoughtfulness and ingenuity.