Sneaker Drive – Help Meet Sneaker Need

Children are missing school and are unable to join a team because they don't have a pair of sneakers. Be part of the change and join our annual sneaker drive.

Sneakers are basic to our daily lives. They are a fashion statement as well as an essential need. Children need sneakers for gym, to play on a team, and to run, jump and play with their friends. Yet, across Westchester County, many children have sneakers that are damaged and barely usable, shoes that are the wrong size, or they do not have sneakers at all.

We recently surveyed caseworkers we work with. 84% of respondents listed shoes among the top 5 items that children need and 59% of them specifically listed sneakers. According to 14% of respondents, the lack of shoes or shoes that do not fit are one of the top two reasons why their clients or students are missing school.

Join our second annual sneaker drive and help us both collect the sneakers we need and raise awareness about the need for sneakers among Westchester’s economically vulnerable children and teens. We are looking for schools, community organizations and business to organize drives and to “adopt” individual children by purchasing the shoes they need in the sizes they requested.

To organize a sneaker drive, click here.

To “adopt” a child and purchase the shoes they need, click here.

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